Home Security

Home security ( limit the opportunity and you limit the chances of becoming a victim )
By Michael J. Miklencic  CRL

The first thing you should have on every door is a deadbolt. I’m not a big fan of deadbolts keyed on both sides. Maybe if there’s a door you never use, you don’t want to become a prisoner in your own home especially if there’s a fire. When I say opportunity, it’s what most people do. You come home from work or shopping and hang your coat in the closet, you throw your purse on the chair, table or the kitchen counter. Your¬†laptop you do the same thing put it on a chair or table, in plain sight from any window. You just created the opportunity, for you to become a victim. Now you run upstairs change your clothing, and in the back of your mind you have plenty of work to do in the backyard. Little did you know a car parked just down the street with two people in it watched you come home. They saw you carry in your purse and your laptop. These people are very observant they saw you stop for the mail, unlock the door, and they saw you didn’t have a deadbolt on the front door. Now they’re waiting for the right moment. Continue reading “Home Security” »


Very impressed. Mike went out of his way to help us with something that wasn't even lock related. Great job!
Tony & Tanya A., Allentown, PA

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