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Home security ( limit the opportunity and you limit the chances of becoming a victim )
By Michael J. Miklencic  CRL

The first thing you should have on every door is a deadbolt. I’m not a big fan of deadbolts keyed on both sides. Maybe if there’s a door you never use, you don’t want to become a prisoner in your own home especially if there’s a fire. When I say opportunity, it’s what most people do. You come home from work or shopping and hang your coat in the closet, you throw your purse on the chair, table or the kitchen counter. Your laptop you do the same thing put it on a chair or table, in plain sight from any window. You just created the opportunity, for you to become a victim. Now you run upstairs change your clothing, and in the back of your mind you have plenty of work to do in the backyard. Little did you know a car parked just down the street with two people in it watched you come home. They saw you carry in your purse and your laptop. These people are very observant they saw you stop for the mail, unlock the door, and they saw you didn’t have a deadbolt on the front door. Now they’re waiting for the right moment. They may drive around the block once or twice. Now they see you hard at work in the backyard. You should have put your purse and laptop out of sight before you went to the backyard. Now they’re going to drive up the front of your house like they are coming to visit. One of them gets out of the car with a big screwdriver in his back pocket just in case he needs it. He peers in the windows when he gets up to the front door he smiles to himself. Your purse and laptop are in plain sight. The first thing he does is check to see if you locked the front door. If you did that’s what the big screwdriver is for. Just about as fast as a key when the door is without a deadbolt. In a matter seconds he’s in and gone and you just become a victim and you were home!

This is just one scenario of many, be vigilant. One place to start is the exterior of the home, overgrown shrubs could hide a person from view. Keep your shrubs trimmed and remove ones that are overgrown. Install motion sensor lighting on all four corners of your home. Now moving to the inside make sure their deadbolts on all the exterior doors and latches on the windows are all in good working order. Put timers on lights when you are not home. I suggest random timers. They go off and on and have no set pattern, like on at seven o’clock and off at 10 o’clock. You shouldn’t have constant routine, like leaving that at certain time and coming home at a certain time. Stand back and look at yourself. You would be surprised how routine your life has become. Your routine is the first thing a robber will be looking for if they want to break in. I’m not saying if you follow these simple rules that it won’t happen, you just minimized the chance of becoming a victim.

On another note of interest:

Did you know that car keys are the number one thing stolen at gyms and bars. Along with your keys you may lose your car, or maybe they just want to get your wallet or purse that’s in your car.

Purses are the number one thing stolen the grocery stores. You get a shopping cart and put your purse in the child set. You leave your cart for only a moment while comparing prices and looking at coupons and that split second is all that is needed. You step back to your cart and your purse, money, and car keys are heading out the front door and getting in a waiting car right outside the store.

You rarely hear or read about this in the newspaper. Do you think your local gym, bar or grocery store wants to hear or see their name mentioned in the newspaper or on local news and neither does the town in which they do business. If you’re going to the gym and they have lockers, rent one. At a bar put your keys in your pocket not on the bar. If you going to the grocery store leave your purse at home and put your credit cards and some cash in your pocket.

For now be safe.

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