Lost Mailbox Key

I do not have a key to my mailbox and need to access it as soon as possible – what can I do?

Well, like most locksmith services, the exact course of action that the technician will need to take will depend on the specific scenario on site. Different factors that will dictate the nature of the procedure will include the type of mailbox it is, whether or not the mailbox originally has a lock, (and if it does) what type of lock; what brand, security level, what the lock’s dimensions are, and so on. It also depends on the condition of the lock- how old is it? Is it worn? Has it undergone any type of modifications, intentional or otherwise? The first factor that will determine how our technician will be able to mold you a key for your mailbox is- what type of mailbox is it? The main factor that the technician needs to address is whether or not the mailbox has a built-in lock, an external lock fastened to it, or no lock at all.

If the mailbox has no lock- then it has no key. However, if you’d like to have a lock and key for the mailbox to ensure the security of your personal materials, a mobile locksmith should be well equipped to install a lock on your mailbox. The locksmith can come to your property with a multitude of various locks that they carry in their vehicle at all times. If the mailbox has a fixture to insert the lock into, then the technician can install the lock and provide a key that is synchronized to that lock. If not, the locksmith can drill a fixture into the mailbox and insert a lock into it manually as well.

If the mailbox has an external lock and you lost the key for it you can opt to either have the lock changed with a new key provided to you, or have the lock undergo a process referred to as a “re-key”. A re-key consists of modifying the configuration of the pins inside a lock’s cylinder. Once the cylinder is re-keyed, the locksmith can fashion a new key designed to unlock the new pin composition. A re-key is often bears a less expensive price tag for labor than a lock change. Also, the total will end up costing a lot less since you will not have to purchase an additional lock from the technician.

If the mailbox has an internal lock built into it such as the ones found in most apartment buildings) the only procedure the technician can utilize to provide you with a key is to re-key it. This is because it is unlikely that your landlord would permit the locksmith to perform the type of destructive renovation it would require to replace an internal lock. It may be a bit more time consuming and expensive to re-key an internal lock, but a quality mobile locksmith company  can ensure that their keys will operate smoothly and consistently, and you won’t be disappointed.

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