Motorcycle Keys

When it comes time to call a locksmith for your bike, it’s usually when you have a problem. We will service you through the entire process and get you back to where you want to be, riding your bike.

If you have ever lost the keys to your motorcycle then you already know that it can turn into a nightmare. A lot of our customers have told us that they spent hours calling local locksmiths in the phonebook to no avail. Bike keys can be very difficult to originate, and that is the main reason that most locksmiths¬† do not offer this service. We actually specialize in all types of motorcycles and atv’s. A lot of the local dealers use our service.

Yes, you can buy a new ignition for $100-$200 and then possibly install it yourself. The problem with doing this is yes you will have a ignition key, but what about the gas cap lock, helmet lock, and storage locks? Now you either have to buy all new locks which could cost over $300 or you can have a locksmith to rekey the other locks to match your ignition for about $200. WHY BOTHER!

Motorcycle Locksmith Services Include:

  • Motorcycle Seat Locks
  • Motorcycle Locks Repaired
  • Do you have a lost Motorcycle Key ?
  • Need a Custom Motorcycle Key in a jiffy ?
  • We do all this and more,¬†just ask.
  • Motorcycle Key Replacement Service for Most Makes and models of Motorcycles, Cycles, and Scooters.
  • Motorcycle Security Locks Removed
  • Motorcycle Fork Locks
  • Pad Locks
  • Motorcycle Disc Brake Locks
  • Broken Motorcycle Keys Removed
  • Motorcycle Gas Caps